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January 03, 2008


Cindy Hill

I have seen sensors being but in various yards throughout our neighborhood but have not seen/heard anything recently about our gas lease. The SWAPO website has been suspended so there seems to be no information available to our neighborhood.

Shawn Guinn

Is there any update on drilling activities.

Lynda Kitchens

we are included in this area, but we were not made aware of the newer lease info listed here. is there a way we can get our contract renewed or updated?

Terry Mathew

I have a property in SWAPO area. How can I sign a gas lease for this property? Thank you


I'm in the Park Springs area, and we just signed for 17,000 acre. Once you sign the contract your set at that price. I'm glad it finally happened!

Jerry Hudson

I own property at 6404 S. Cooper. That is Just south of Hardisy on the West side of Cooper. Can I be included into your group or is there a group that covers me?

Debbie Crawford

I have a friend that signed at $2000.00 that is in our area. Is there anything she can do to get them to up her contract.

Marie Avis

The SWAPO's website homepage states "Paloma has agreed to include all neighborhoods adjacent to the original SWAPO area. Go to the page above called, ” SWAPO Area: Expanded” to view an updated map.
The SWAPO Team"

What precisely does "all neighbors adjacent" define? Can a GMB/Paloma representative provide some clarification on this blog to those who are in close proximity to the mapped SWAPO area?

keith harrod

How long is the lease term in years? What does the neighborhood expect to earn annually in their 25% royalties payments?

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