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October 02, 2008



Cheasapeake and its subsidiary Texas Midstream are hiding a HUGE MOVE to put a HUGE pipeline throught colleyville and Southlake!!!!! They are planning to say they are a utility and are not subject to city regulations!!! They are running a pipe through the monticello subdivision!!! The million dollar homes will be worth less than $250k each the day the pipe is complete. Expect this scandal to occur in next 12 months!!!!! GRADY YOUR NOSE IS GETTING LONGER!!!!!!

Hershel L. Pearson

My Ranch in Wise County has a very old gas gathering line from a neighbor's gas well in which the 6th blow-out occurred 9-26-10 killing a calf and spewing gas, salt water,hydro carbon liquids on a cow that was grazing causing chemical burns on her face,neck,shoulders.Number 4 blow-out killed a cow and a calf.number 1 blow-out killed a pecan tree and covered couple acres of coastal grass.number 1 blow-out occurred in 1980 and 30 years since area above the line has been bare as well as the 5 blow-outs since.Each time the line was repaired the saturated/contaminated soil was push back into the excavation.Each time it was very difficut trying to get a fair settlement from Devon.I haven't been paid anything for the livestock that was lost.I've complained about the contaminated soil where nothing will grow.After blow-out number 5 I requested Devon to replace the line but was told it would cost too much money and wasn't worth it.I told them that it wasn't their life or livestock at stake and so they are not concerned. Recently they told me they are thinking about replacing the line.But they don't want to pay a fair price for damages from blow-out number 6 nor for a relocated line damage.I hope you people that have gathering lines on your property don't have to go thru what i've had to go thru with 6 blow-outs.I'm nervous driving across my pasture checking on cattle knowing i could get blowup at anytime.


Someone posted a sign by the Colin Powell School showing that Chesapeake is drilling around 1200 feet away from a school in Grand Prairie. Can this be stopped for the safety of our children who go there? It is right in the back yard of some of the neiborhoods as well. You can't smell the gas after the sulfates are filtered by the ground prior to hitting the surface. This is a danger to the health of everyone breathing an unscented gas; like not being able to hear a drowning child in the water. I hope we're not getting our drinking water out of Joe Pool Lake due to seepage that will pollute the waters from that location. I'm not against the drilling, just not this close to home and schools. MOVE IT to another location!

Jerry Lobdill

So they're committed to being good neighbors to all residents, eh?

Did you see the full page Chesapeake ad in today's (10/05/08) Startlegram? Pure propaganda! Theme: Gas gathering pipelines are necessary and safe, because they are of modern construction and regularly maintained, cleaned, and inspected. Not only that, but if a leak should occur, the gas will safely rise and dissipate, making odorant unnecessary!

A sidebar boasts, "Pipelines have safely carried natural gas to our communities for more than a century." Really?

The cleaning is said to remove moisture in the gas. The pipelines are said to feature "extensive control measures" that measure "any drop in pressure". Because of this and regular inspections and a "heavy pipe design" it is not necessary to add an odorant. If a leak occurs the fact that methane is lighter than air means that there would not be an explosion or fire unless the gas leaked into a confined space. Since methane is "40% lighter than air it safely rises and dissipates into the atmosphere, similar to a balloon release."

Does this make you feel better?

If all this is true then why were there nine significant incidents in the Barnett Shale in the last 4 years? What causes the fires and explosions reported and shown in pictures if not natural gas? Why did the Forest Hill Fire Department evacuate 500 homes in the 2006 incident there? All this happened with the kind of construction, regulation, maintenance, and inspection Chesapeake speaks of in today's ad.

And what about all this touted cleaning, maintenance and inspection? There is no legal requirement for that. Gas gathering lines are unregulated, not that regulation apparently is foolproof anyway. And what happens when the fat-cat drillers monetize their gas well and gathering line assets and move on to the next big play? Then the bottom feeding operators take over and all that cleaning, maintenance, and inspection goes away.

And let's not forget to expose the fallacy of the lighter than air ploy. Yes, a balloon full of methane would rise in air. But that does not mean that lethal explosive mixtures do not exist in a pipeline rupture or leak. If that were so then none of these pipeline explosions and fires we hear about and see pictures of would have occurred. Yes, a distribution line with 4-6 ounces of gas pressure would need to leak into a confined space to produce a spectacular explosion like the New London School explosion or the ones in McKinney recently, but a 16 inch gathering line with 200 psi pressure will produce such explosions in open air, and make fires that burn for hours if not days, obliterating everything within 100-200 yards more or less.

And here's the final bit of propaganda--

"Together we all win. We are committed to being good neighbors to all residents. Our goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible while delivering clean-burning natural gas to power our nation and fuel our local economy."

What a load of horse manure! Do good neighbors force you to live with a ticking time bomb a few feet away from your home on your property? Do they seize your property by eminent domain? And who cares what the product is? Clean-burning by what measure? Compared to coal, yes, but not clean by any stretch of the truth. And don't play the patriotism card. Chesapeake is not here because Aubrey McClendon is patriotic (which, arguably he isn't)! And ask Kilgore about how oil and gas fueled its local economy. It's a temporary infusion of money at best, followed by decades of impoverishment due to pollution and bad reputation.

In sum, the ad is just another pack of lies and distortions crafted by a PR agent.


I'm glad this is finally in an arena where legal opinions will actually mean something. For month we have been discussing and hearing legal "opinion" about what is legal (or illegal) for municipalities to do with regard to pipelines within their city limits, and in some cases, within their extraterritorial jurisdiction(s). Understanding that all of these legal opinions !
The authority of a "home rule" city to decide on the location (not safety) of pipelines can the found in the Texas Constitution, but we never seem to get this information from the ST reporters. Instead we only hear about what the pipeline companies right are, and some ignorant ramblings about RRC rules and regulations. Why not investigae what OUR rights are instead of constantly pushing the gas drilliers/pipeline interests?
I think we all know the answer to that one!
Louis McBee
Fort Worth 76112


This show that the natural gas companies are only after the mighty dollar and care very little about the people they hurt in the process. I urge everyone to boycott Chesapeake.


Grand Prairie city officials know the destruction to quality of life that can be done by these compressors stations and are doing the right thing to at least put more scrutiny on these station's owners. Compressor stations, besides being an eye sore, produce permanent, constant, 24/7 noise loud enought to be heard up to two miles away. Google "compressor station complaints" if you have any doubts about how disruptive these compressor stations are and you will clearly see how they can kill your quality of life.

Louis McBee

"Federal law prevents cities from regulating most aspects of gas pipelines, including their location and safety aspects." SORRY, BUT YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG ABOUT WHO CONTROLS PIPELINES WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF A "HOME RULE" CITY! Especially when we are talking about only gathering lines and NOT gas lines that do not cross state boundries.
However, glad to see that the issue is finally in the judicial system along with Flower Mound. I do wish that we would/could do some really good research before we start reporting this crap!

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