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January 27, 2009


Open Choke

The comments contained in this post are pure drivel, and of the "Let Them Eat Cake" variety. Natural gas producers pay significant taxes off the top as severance and ad valorem taxes, and not on profits. The canard that there are "hidden costs" espoused by Luddite environmental activists ignore that these same "hidden costs" occur in every human endeavor/

Kathy Chruscielski

Emissions from gas drilling, compressor stations and pipelines offset the 'clean burning' label. Industry touts natural gas as a bridge fuel to renewables, but the reality is that it may be closer to dirty coal. We cannot afford the continued industrial pollution in a non-attainment area. Natural Gas companies should incorporate best practices to reduce emissions. The cost of pollution controls should be borne by those who profit from gas drilling, not the general public.

Don Young

Gas drillers have been pushing the burden of hidden costs onto taxpayers for too long. If they can't clean up their act they need to get in the solar biz. They have an unfair advantage that needs correcting.

B. S. Hale

Ms.Alanis--what happens to all the money that the city and its elected officials keep telling us the city is getting from the drilling in our city. We're not talking about mineral leases on city parks and other properties. We're talking about the revenues from drilling activities all over the city. Why not use some of money to create a department to do the monitoring? Or if needed, tack on a little extra fees to the gas producers to pay for this important task on behalf of the citizens. Is this a matter of the lack of funds and staffing or simply a lack of will to do the right thing for the people--and logically the city is serving the interests of the private companies? Who is running this city? And who is this city's staff and leaders actually serving? It's getting harder and harder to answer these simple questions--not based on words, mind you, but based on consistent decisions and actions by "our" staff and leaders.

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