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March 10, 2010



What do you really think Chesapeake is going to say! Everyone of the gas production companies have denied all testing performed by qualified researchers are wrong. Unless that research shows there are no problems with fracturing, flaring, injection wells, compression stations, fracking ponds, land farms, oh well the list goes on. I have not seen any research which shows there are no problems with the above mentioned.
I know we have to drill. OK! just do it with responsibility and accountability and not a reckless disregard for the people in the communities surrounding theses site.

J. Black

WHY is this corporate bully in the news so much, esp. about their immoral and unethical conducts? Is this the kind of business we want to operate in our community? Chesapeake is not only giving our many fine communities in North Central Texas a bad name, they have even managed to give the other O & G companies a bad rap (often deserved, though). Thanks CHK for helping the PEOPLE see what dirty things are done to produce "clean burning natural gas" (and obscene profits and bonuses).

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