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July 29, 2008


Kim (Pleather's co-worker)

Hey, what do you have against Rome Milan? j/k

He's the silly cowboy in the video, and he was at Sokol Fort Worth when I was a gymnast there.


He's got an art gallery now...

Anyways, I took gymnastics there for about 6 years. A Slet is the competition held annually for all the gymnasts in the Sokol district. My last year there I got first place in my level/age group. :)



It's super exciting to hear the Slet is being held in FW. About all the baskeball and golf and bowling... I have no clue where that stuff came from... wasn't a part of the program when I was there.

Anyways, Nazdar!

Time to get back to work; Pleather and I are painting our nails.

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