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November 19, 2007



Excellent choice! Perfect weapon for what they intend it for. They can have it inside the car. As I watched the Dallas police officers loading their AR-15 style guns, under the trunk lid, the thought crossed my mind, that if they need it fast, that could be a long way away.
Some people say when the cops are out gunned they should back off. Let them go. Arrest them later.
Sounds good on paper, but if they let them go, and they go kill a bunch of folks, the cops would be crucified. If they stand and fight and a bystander is hit, they would be crucified. It's catch 22.

John Smith

Riiight. I live in this town. They dont really *need* these things... This town just has nothing better to spend its money on.

*points at all the brand new Dodge Charger cop cars*


*points at all the brand new motorcycle cop bikes*

If they'd write a few less speeding tickets I'd bet their budget would fall within a more reasonable range.

Delaina Alani

Cheers to Addison!
Anywhere you have illegal drugs you have guns period. As long as there are pourous Mexican borders and cartels,Zetas and their counterparts will thrive.
Every city in Texas (Arizona and CA too) should expect to spend on "upgrades," because I'd be willing to bet the drug dealers routinely are.
It wouldn't bother me to get an announcement from my City Council folks, announcing higher taxes so Fort Worth can arm every cop to the hilt.


Fort worth is already carrying AR15's, many purchased by the officers themselves. There should not be a city in the US that doesn't allow Officers to carry a patrol rifle. I do not care much for the 5.7X28, I prefer the .223. I don't know if Clint Smith is the originator of this quote but it's my favorite.

“The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down”. Clint Smith


Cheers to Addison. Sounds like user John Smith is still a little sore from the last speeding ticket.

Delaina Alani

J.R. I'll assume you mean our Fort Worth Officers had to pay for their own weapons and if so, that's shameful and unnacceptable.
I'd like to see Fort Worth Officers demand reimbursement because in my heart, I recognize and regard a moral responsibility to safeguard police.

I'll go furthar fully aware my name is publically associated with this posting.

My biggest issue with any individual regardless of citizenship, race, age or gender is, if you try to shoot, not just kill, if you even try to take the life of any officer, I personally want that individual to never make it out alive.

Society does not owe literal scum a ride anywhere nor any medical care, jail stay, attorneys fees, counseling fees, family therapy, or time with the media.
Think I'm overzealous readers?
You are grossly out of touch with how many have gone down even 30 minutes away, right there in big D in just the past couple of years.
Look at the figures nationwide.

Kevin M.

I own a personal PS90 and very much enjoy the weapon. But I have to take issue with one of the statements in that article. It states, "Many departments have purchased AR-15 patrol rifles, which are similar to weapons used by the U.S. military. Those guns, however, fire .223-caliber rounds with bullets that penetrate their initial targets, but then keep going."

This is only true if using the military SS109 (M855) ammunition that has a tungsten penetrator core. Most .223 ammunition that is full metal jacket (FMJ), hollowpoint (HP), soft point, nosler partition, etc. will NOT overpenetrate. In most cases the rounds will stay within the bad guy, sheetrock, etc. There is a reason tactical teams are using .223 platforms for indoor work. They penetrate less than 9mm ammunition from carbines and submachine guns.

Ajf 6

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