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December 04, 2007


Susie Trevino

They desirve what they got i feel bad for the victim and her family.

K. Sherlock

This tragic murder should not be referred to as a "love triangle". The unsuspecting victim, Adrianna Jones, had no idea David Graham was spoken for much less that an evil, vicious and jealous killer, Diane Zamora, was waiting in the background waiting to get rid of her.

Murder is murder. This murder was carefully thought out and executed by two of the most calculating, albeit outstanding, honor students in history. What makes you think 40 years will change their obsessive love for each other? Don't be fooled by their good behaviour. K

S. Franklin

No, this should not be referred to as a "love triangle." It not fair to the deceased woman. And, why didn't both Zamora & Graham get the death penalty? The deceased had no earthly idea of what was coming; all because of Graham's deception.


I agree. To call this a "love triangle" is disrespect to the innocent Adrienne Jones who was a pawn in David Grahams ploy to make his psycho girlfriend jealous.

BTW Supposedly the family of the victim opted that neither receive the death penalty...but don't quote


Me and my boyfriend r kinda goin threw da same thing he cheated on me with sum little freshmen but i would never ask hym to kill anyone


I believe that both david and diane deserve the death penalty.they took the life of an innocent 16 year old, Adrienne Jones, because diane was jealous its not fair and not right. 40 years won't make a difference. they shoudn't even be eligable for parole they should rot in their cell for the rest of their guilt filled life. They don't deserve to have freedom.

rosalie young

I have been intrigued by this story ever since it happened in 1996 and also have seen the movie The Texas cadet Murder several times. I guess I,ll never understand what drove them to commit such a horrific crime when they had so much to live for. I blame Diane for instigating the crime to punish Adrianne Jones for David being unfaithful to her. I don,t beleive in the death penalty, but maybe they should have gotten the death penalty.But after serving 40 years, they won,t have too much of thier life left to live, if they don,t die in prison first. They certainally didn,t have any regard for poor Adrianne Jones life.


i hate the fact that someone one would even think of killing someone younger than them.I mean hitting them in the head is enough but then shooting her twice in the head thats horrible.They didn't need to kill Mrs.Jones just because her and David Graham had something going on.They could've just ignored adrianne.


I saw the movie Love Triangle: the Texas Cadet Murder and like the fact that it's VERY accruate. But i dont think that Diane should have insisted on David killing Adrianne. They had their whole successful lives ahead of them. But becasuse of spite, that young girl was murdered. Maybe 40 years in prison will change David and Diane. Maybe they should rot in jail for the rest of their ruined lives!!

Diane hester

well i'm not from texas i seen the movie and got on line and read about it and i can only say wow because i couldn;t beleive it;s young people out there to do such things my heart goe;s out to the family of adrianne jones let god be with you


This is such a sad story. Watching about it in the movie was one thing, but knowing that it actually happened makes it even worse. Diane should have been mad at David, not Adrianne. He knew he had a girlfriend, but he slept with her anyway. Ain't no love for another human being that strong that you feel you have to kill an innocent person to prove it to that person. I love my family, but I wouldn't go kill someone they didn't like to show it.


I went thru that many years with my now husband. believe me i was pissed as hell when i found out but, it never even crossed my mind to kill. But, i'm sure if it did cross my mind i probably would have killed him.


I'm from the Caribbean and to me this is an act of undue jealousy, Dianne was so insecure that she felt that Adrianne would win David's heart over and so she manipulated him into this...

This has made me think and re-consider my jealous tantrums, I feel for the family of their prey...God Bless


Diane was consumed with JEALOUSLY over the thought this girl slept with her boyfriend (David was HER possession) and Diane wanted revenge. Guys, including David, who sleep with other girls don't feel compelled to kill the girls they sleep with. No this was DEFINITELY Diane Zamora's insane jealousy who manipulated David, the dupe, to help THEM kill Adrienne. This was the only way Diane said HE could make it better with HER. David denied sleeping with Adrienne but Zamora was having none of it. She wanted Adrienne dead. I cannot believe Zamora is playing the woman victim card and boo hooing about how David manipulated her when it was QUITE clearly the opposite way. This was a GIRL type reason for killing - not a Boy's. Zamora failed a polygraph test after she was sentenced where she tried to blame David for everything and she wanted out claiming she was the woman "victim". OMG! They both deserve the electric chair with Diane Zamara getting a few extra volts.

What is really funny is Diane Zamora will be 58 years old (1978-2036) before she is even eligible for parole-WAY too late to have babies. I hope they both get out and David has lots of babies with a better woman. Diane RUINED his life.

Dee Conniff

David Grahama has said that they didn't even have sex!! he is a twisted man who had decided to test Diane by making her think he cheated.. he is sick because not only did he lie to Diane he actually committed murder to see how deep their "love" was. It will be interesting to me to see an interview with David forcing him to announce on national tv that he lied and still decided to do the unspeakable act of killing a girl for NO REASON.. And Diane is so flawed to think that if you kill the one who was with your man it erases the act and they can be normal..
if it wasn't real I would be thinking someone is making it up


i see the film this is how i no about this sad sad story no one should be taken like that they both should have been put to the chair its so sad and it gets me


I think Diane Zamora is hot!

shamie mills

It is sad for the David & Diane's families too. So much promise and then this. They have to live with that shame.
It is unlikely that David & Diane would ever kill again. Their guilt feelings were so strong. It was a merciful act that AJ's family didn't ask for the death penalty.

Kewan Woodard

You got nobody to blame but yourself Diane ,you brought all this up on yourself by having an innocent victim like Adrianne Jones killed because you really couldn't stand the fact that david was fooling with her and YOU Diane should have found another way to resolve this situation by asking david about her but seems to my you went too damn far not using your head you damn near decided both you david to kill her and you gonna sit there in prison just pretending your innocent well seriously you ain't !


This is a tragedy for the family of Adrianne Jones. God bless them. We as a nation should agree this crime is punishable to the full extent. Life in prison. Not the death penalty.
No parole.

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