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January 13, 2008



Donna, God bless and keep you and yours. I cannot imagine how terribly difficult this must be while at the same time giving you some gratification for the good that became from it. Know that Amber is in a better place and is looking down from God's heavenly home. You will see her again one day. Your strength has been an inspiration and no matter how hard it gets with my teenagers I thank God for them and continue to pray for them to be kept safe.

Bruce Seybert

Amber is remembered and Donna and My self and Mark Klaas are still working to protect the Children and family's of Murdered Children, Jeb Hensarling US Congressman Dist. 5 on the Federal Level and Betty Brown on the State Level are Helping working on a New Law Now we brought to them! Amber we will Never forget you and the Change and Directions you gave our Life's! Arlington's Little Angel, Lost But Never Forgotten!


I have a suggestion. Dig up her body and do a female Physical on her and that will probably katch her killer. If she was sexually molested. I thought of that idea when someone had done that to one of her friends who was kidnapped, rapped and killed.


I just recently saw Ambers story on TV this past weekend. Oh my heart breaks for you and all the parents that have lived through this nightmare. I’m so very sorry. I wish there was something I could do. I live in IL and I didn’t know the history of the Amber Alert and how it came too be until I saw Ambers story, what a great idea you had and now its nation wide! You should be so proud of all the children you have saved and will save. I just wanted to tell you how much your story touched me. I wish you gods love and protection always.


I really cant' believe how heartless a person can be to destroy a young girl's furture like that. I send you Donna and the rest your family all my sympythy. I know that wont' bring her back but I want you to know that I care and how kind and caring you are to start the Amber Alert and think of others and try to save them from the same horrible fate when you're feeling so much pain in your heart I am crying as I write this just thinking how horrible it would be to have a son or daughter taken away and have that happen to them just as you had.


I am so horrified that a nine year old would be find dead!Her throat was slashed!How,oh my god!I just can't believe it!And i'm 11 years old!!!Well,God just chose for Amber to be kidnapped and then found dead.I know how hard it is for the family of Amber.I too suffered for the lost of my friend,she died before we graduated from 5 grade and she was 9 years,just like Amber.So.I bless the family of Amber and her herself.And that Amber is in a better place with God resting by his side and hopefully with my best friend.Amen!

Bruce Seybert

The History of the Amber Alert you have is off a bit it was started at KRLD as the Amber Alert in 1996 ,WBAP and clearwater channels came in as the Amber Plan in 1997 and were a day Late, We are working on New Legislation that is Hiting the State House and Senate here in Texas keep ears open,Amber will not Be forgotten, by any ofus that have stayed involved!


i hope she rest in peace in my lovin meory of amber hagerman


I am only 15 and since i first heard the amber hagerman story around the age of 9 years old, i was terrified. I took every procation i could. I hated going off and staying with friends or even family. I was petrafied. But even though i was so safe i was abducted at the age of 12. At first i was scared but i realized that i wasnt going to let my life end at the moment. I thought of amber, and what safty tips i was tought i was safely returned after i had been raped, shot in the chest, and lied in a creek pretending to be dead, to live. I wish we could have changed what happened, and what happened to amber i know the pain she went through and I could not even imagine what you, your family have been through. The Amber alert,safty tip programs, and ambers story saved my life. I just wanted to thank you. And I know that Amber is looking down and even though she is not with us she has made, and continues to make this world a safer place, saveing lifes of the innocent. Be proud. She is resting in peace. Thank you.

Bridget Sands

wow, i read this story on Amber Hagerman and it made me cry. I just cant believe people. I mean what is the point of taking a child? There isnt one. I cant believe people. That upsets me so much. You would think we would want a nice and safe environment but i guess not everyone agrees. Thats horrible. God bless Amber Hagerman and her family. Im so sorry for your loss.

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