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February 08, 2008



What is a "true" crime novel? It's either true, or not. Novels are works of fiction.


Yes, but the crime really happened. So, a novel about a real crime is a "true crime" novel.


What would be really nice is to know what time the show comes on and what network will be airing the show. With that information it would make it much easier for their audience to show up.

Patricia Miller

Is this going to be published in book form later for the ones that don't take Star Telegram every day?


It can be a novel based on a true crime story but it is not a true crime novel. A lot of TV shows, books or movies are fiction based on real events but the writer may take some editorial liberties to present the story from the writer's interpretation of the way the events happened.


OK I get the "true" novel thing now I guess, I read "In Cold Blood" years ago. I take it the story is true, but you change names, actual addresses etc.
So far it's pretty good. A real page.....errr......screen turner.
You gotta love our main charactor Brannan. The hat, the boots the drawl. He's Walker , in real life.
I remember moving to Ft Worth back in '82 and going to events in the Stockyards. The mounted police there wore Stetsons, or maybe Resistols, I wouldn't know the difference. They also wore revolvers, big ones. The Dallas mounted police I saw, had some kind of helmet and a Glock on thier hip.
I knew when I moved to the Ft Worth, this really was "where the west begins".
I'll keep reading, it's a good story.

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