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April 21, 2009


Stan Risdon

This is silly. This all happened in 2003. It took the FBI 5 years to decide this guy was a terrorist?

Let's see McVee killed 230 people. Osama and his friends 3 to 4,000 plus. San Diego has killed 0. Don't you think the clowns in the "cross dresser" building are hunting some soft targets?


They didn't put a "vegan" on their most wanted list they put a bomber on it who happens to be a veagan. If Osama Bin Laden were a vegan (maye he is), would it be the same headline.


What a joke .... Doesn't the FBI have someting better to do than to put a vegan guy as a Most Wanted Terrorist? Vivisection is uber disgusting and he has killed no one. Why don't they show the crimes committed against those helpless, poor animals which are kept locked up in those labs? It is not just white little rats, they take bleach and pour it into a dog's eye to see what it does to his eyes and horrible tests like that.

Unbelievable, and the FBI needs to stop sniffing glue.

jim johannes

Why do they not label the other people on the list as "meat eaters?" I'm a peaceful vegan, and it's outrageous that they keep referring to this guy as a vegan. A vegan is just a strict vegetarian who doesn't use animal products. We co not fire a captive bolt into animals heads, string them up by their hind legs and cut their throats so they can bleed to death. And we do not cut off the heads of chickens. We respect all animal life, including humans. Just because this guy happens to be a strict vegetarian, doesn't mean they have to make the headline, "vegan wanted by fbi" and such.

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