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May 06, 2009



Amazing. So, it is okay to use them on dogs but not on kids. Of course what he did is wrong in relation to the kids, but how in the world do we still justify this use on dogs?! If it is child abuse, why in the world is it not animal abuse? How hypocritical! All shock collars (no matter what trainers TRY to call them) should be made illegal. Positive reinforcement is the ONLY way to make lasting changes that maintains the relationship.

Joyce Methe

OOoo, can I put it on him and shock him with it ?? I'll turn it up to the highest level because that would be FUNNY. . .what a JERK this guy is. I hope he loses custody of his children. . .they are going to need serious counseling during their life because of this sperm donor. What kind of cruel idiot would even THINK about doing this ?? My heart goes to the children. . .I'm sorry you were born to this jerk. . .


Many people enjoy having people be afraid of them. This father abused his authority as a dad and destroyed the trust his children had in him. I worked for a petty minded chief at Lockheed Martin. He was petty, vindictive and did things like make sure he got people on the "lay-off" list that he did not like. He didn't do it alone. He had a partner chief that assisted him so if you asked him he tell you the other guy did it. If you asked the other guy he'd tell you the first guy did it. Beneath these two rats were 5-7 assistant rats that did nothing to earn their paycheck but take notes and snitch on people. Folks the world is full of people like this dad with the shock collar.
I hope these people are paid back in the "after-life", after all they deserve it.


Cheyenne, Is it OK to fence your 4 kids in the back yard with a supply of water and a few bowls of kibble while you go off to work for 8 to 10 hours a day? Maybe *that* should be dog abuse too since its child abuse. I mean hire a dog sitter to help develop their little minds, right? I love dogs as much as the next person but how in the hell do you downgrade what 4 human beings went through (one a 3 year old baby) to make a point for pets? I don't think using the collars on dogs are are the right thing to do either, but dogs are dogs and kids are kids. Don't compare them. I don't care how warped your mind is surely you can see there is a difference. One of those kids can grow up to help thousands of dogs if that becomes a calling in life. One dog may bring joy to a family or two in its lifetime but how dare you compare using an electronic collar on kids as opposed to dogs?

Pet Supplies

It always amazes me the cruelty of some people

shock collars for dogs

Is this wht the world has come to? Why are people so cruel?

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"Amazing. So, it is okay to use them on dogs but not on kids. Of course what he did is wrong in relation to the kids, but how in the world do we still justify this use on dogs?!"

I gotta agree with cheyenne on this one.

pet supplies

This is one of the most stupid parenting I've ever read. Those kids doesn't deserve to that kind of father and it's best that he should be placed behind bars for child abuse. Dog collars are for dogs and not for human being.

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