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October 23, 2009



It stands to reason if they cannot speak English? They probably cannot read it as well. I personally stand behind the Dallas Police Officer. He should not be punished for doing a good job. I would not want anyone working in any public service who could not speak English in this Country. After all, America is an English speaking Nation.

Example, would you want a neurosurgeon who could not speak your language to operate on you?


Hey Im the 1st one to get all non english speaking idiots back across the rio grande but even this is out there.


If you can not speak the language in the country your in you have no business driving there either. You pose a hazard to other drivers around you.

I say way to go Officer Gary Bromley!! Looking out for our safety and a job well done.


Way to go! Ignorance and Racism alive and well in America!

Always assuming or relating Non-english speaking residents, as Hispanic/Latino. FYI, we have several other cultural immigrants in America who also DON'T speak English.

We are a country made of Immigrants!
Irish, German, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and many others. If you dislike immigrants so much, stop eating mexican food, stop hiring them. Still don't like immigrants, well hey guess what, YOU can also stop getting your nails done (chinese, vietnamese immigrants), eating pasta and ordering pizza (italian), eating sushi (japanese), oh, how about chinese or thai food, bet you also stop at your nearest donut shop too, well guess what.....ALL of it brought to you by IMMIGRANTS!

History books point, Caucasians were the Illegal Immigrants.

BTW, I am a Caucasian person who is INSULTED by small minded people like yourselves. Let's grow up folks, and start getting past our prejudice, its 2009. The women broke the law by making a UTurn, and she received a ticket.

Thank you for your added ignorance and racism to society. We will never progress as human beings at this rate.

Ed Geren

It's pretty obvious that none of you yahoos have traveled outside of Texas. If speaking the language was required before driving, American tourists could probably not drive anywhere in Asia, Europe or South America. Open your mind!


Forget the Enlish issue..........

......what about her personal responsibility for all of the other offenses she was charged with???

BTW: Did she have Proof of Insurance on the car ???


The law should be changed, that ticket shouldn't be an error!

Illegal immigration is a huge problem now days, and now illegals are entitled in america with no consequences. The bank I used to bank at in houston replaced their advertisings inside to strictly spanish signs. My wife called a hair salon in houston, and was hung up on when she couldn't speak spanish.

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