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April 16, 2009

Obama commits to building high-speed rail

The president is calling for an $8 billion infusion of federal stimulus money, and $5 billion more over the next five years, to build high speed rail lines in as many as 10 corridors, including Fort Worth to San Antonio, Little Rock, Ark., and Tulsa, Okla.

Watch his address from this morning, and check back to the good ol' Star-Telegram for our story on this development.


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Okay, let's hear it teabaggers! Go ahead, criticize Obama. You don't need a reason...that has never stopped you before. By the way, you "conservatives" will join with the American Airlines union workers and Southwest...because high-speed rail will kill them on the local routes.


He's so great!


Makes great sense. Rail is just one of many examples of how behind we are in infrastructure, and if we expect to compete with China and everyone else, we have to shape up. This is a wise decision.


Allah and his prophet are smiling on us


Okay, let's hear it teabaggers!

Where is the 8 billion coming from, how about "charge it" thats the way we do it now days. If it makes sense why don't we have American Rail instead of American Airlines?....Maybe Burlington Northern right here in town would like to pony up 8 billion for high speed rail...don't think so. The reason private companies are no longer in passenger rail is they could not make money at it...just like Amtrak.

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