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September 17, 2009

Win a free car

Fordescape Apparently giving away a hybrid car in Texas is easier said than done. Officials with the state’s Drive Clean Across Texas campaign put out a final call Thursday for residents to enter an online sweepstakes and possibly win a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. The number of entries received since the contest began this spring is lower than expected, said a contest promoter who declined to elaborate. So, if you've never won anything, now's the time to turn your luck around!

The giveaway is part of the annual campaign, sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, to encourage drivers to take simple steps that reduce air pollution. The deadline is Sunday. Drivers ages 18 and older are eligible. Contest entrants are asked to pledge to do their part to reduce air pollution. More info: http://www.drivecleanacrosstexas.org/

— Gordon Dickson


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The link from the promotion entry takes you to an unsecured directory of the Dallas Cowboys website:
I suspect people are hesitant about leaving any personal information there.


I don't see an 'entry' place at http://www.drivecleanacrosstexas.org/

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I'm want one of these cars too!

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What happens if you text cherub to 84118? Do I win a free car? Or does it debit the money from my phone bill?

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The deadline is Sunday. Drivers ages 18 and older are eligible.

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