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March 27, 2008


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Kinky...oh... KINKY! Someone please save us from Gov Goodhair!


As my first post was censored, I'll try again.

Kinky! Kinky! Where are you when we need you? Ten years is enough! If Perry is elected again the Alamo will be up for sale.

hoodlum of mercy

God forbid we put up with him again. Why don't we just reinstate Dubya instead.

Ed Pischedda

God, I hope he doesn't run again - as indicated by the carryings-on of his troglodyte appointment to the Chair of the State land board, Perry is an idiot in his dotage.


Please, not again. Just what we need, 4 more years of underhanded Perrymandering, Craddick-butt-kissing, sell-our-highways-abroad "government." If we're going to have a Republican, at least get an upstanding, conservative, honest one. The only worse likely choice for Texas would be to put Bush back in the Governor's Mansion.

Brown Bess

If you're going to rip off Burka, at least give him some attribution.....

Brown Bess

If you're going to rip off Burka, at least give him some attribution.....

michael frank

The people of Texas will laugh perry into obscurity if he even mentions running again in public. The Texas people will not be conned by him again. That is a concrete fact. Take all the fake polls you want. We Texans are done with slick rick!

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