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June 05, 2008


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NO more Clintons or Bushs

Pumas are magnificent predators, but hey, I guess PUMAs are tawdry predators at least.

Robert Herrera

Why don't they just be on with and call themselves Brown Shirts?


Guess it's too late to put that cat back in the bag. PUMA. What were they thinking?

Puma synonyms:
1. cougar, puma, catamount, mountain lion, painter, panther, Felis concolor

I can't get past the first one. Still laughing.

Lavenia Otts

Perhaps we are simply tired of being hijacked by the party who has now chosen the nominee against the will of "we the people". Texans need to stand up and be counted and think for themselves. I drink kool-aid, but I do not drink "the kool-aid".


Really??? So I suppose people against sexism, Media Bias, relentless hate-filled attacks by the obama camp's paid boggers and pundits on Clinton supporters throughout the campaign, Anti-American rants by a candidate's religious mentors and spiritual advisers.... and most importantly, willfull, intentional sabatoged Democracy in a "democratic" country "nut cases"?

Alright. We PUMAS understand. We get it. We are use to it, now. We are not listening, anymore. We are more organized than the media or obama supporters know.

We are the one's TRUE DEMOCRACY has been waiting for. We are here, now.


I've read a lot of derogatory comments here, but Puma PAC is your friend. We are not out for revenge, we are dedicated to reforming the primary election process that allowed party insiders to influence the outcome and select the nominee. We are fighting the blatant sexism that was endemic throughout the campaign both from members of the party and the media. And finally, we are advocating for the replacement of DNC officials who defied the will of the people. These are simple democratic principles. www.blog.pumapac.org


The day my grandmother got called the c-word by Obamabots, was the day my vote goes to McCain unconditionally.

McCain '08!!!

PUMA ex-democrat.

dewaren joseph

with do respect...you all have the right to go forward with this P.U.M.A. group you've created.but if you're tired of what the Republicans have done to this country and the loss of thousands of our troops,not to mention the loss of jobs and foreclosures.for this to be "the greatest nation on Earth" and have starving famlies nation wide.....come on how can you honestly vote for John McCain and think that he's going to change any of those things.to be angry at the system is one thing but to go totally against what Hillary stands for is crazy.it's real funny how this has used the same system for all the previous elections,but as soon as someone who isn't a typical canidate comes along and you can't beat them where you need to you want to change and go the other way.....you will have to live with these decisions for a long time!Barak Obama is not attempting to change this country totally in 4 years,neither can McCain....but when do you say enough is enough we need change? 2008


If senator Clinton is not the nominee, we have an option to vote for the Green party or not voting at all. We don't have to vote for McCain. I personally think that senator Obama has demonstrated that he doesn't need the Clinton supporters. If he does, he would have picked her as his VP. This is totally contradicting what Obama said in his speak regarding to wanting the Clinton supporters. For this reason, I'm definitely not going to vote for him.


The Democratic voters HAVE spoken. We had a series of votes, they are called primaries or caucuses. Winners get delegates. The rules were set up by the DNC, of which Sen. Clinton has been a powerful member for many years. Hillary is a great candidate and an inspiring American, but her campaign made more than a few mistakes and she lost the nomination. It's not the media's fault. If you have any principals whatsoever you should support the candidate that you think will most effectively govern the country. If you are a petulant child, you should blog about how your feeling are hurt and you are going to vote for the candidate which least represents your views because your candidate lost.

Penny k

The so called PUMAS obviously care more about one person than they do about the country or policies. If voters supported policies rather than people we might have a more accountable effective governement. So go ahead by all means PUMA...vote for the Whig Party or for McCain. If you are willing to go that route its obvious you dont care one iota about policies.


Vanessa, that is the oldest trick in the book. Obamabots called your grandma the c-word? Riiiiiight.

On the slimmest, dimmest of chances that those weren't Republicans manipulating your political naivete (they do it every single election cycle, and thanks to people like you they often win because of tricks like that) - Obama's campaign does not condone such behavior! Besides, McCain calls his own wife the c-word. So vote McCain! You'll sure show 'em!


wow, do PUMAs realize they're setting Hillary up to be the next Nader-esque martyr if Obama loses this election? PUMAs look and sound bitter, make their candidate look the same way by association and will bring a whole world of hurt down on themselves if Dems don't win in November.

Really? You'd rather vote for McCain instead of Obama just because Hillary didn't win the political games called the primaries? You're really going to go against all of the Dem ideals that Hillary fought so hard for?

What is wrong with you? Jerks.

Brian Cahn

I Left the Democratic Party years ago. But the idea that I would join the Rebublicans sickens me to my core.
My voting has nothing to do with a particular party, that is why am an "independant" or is we are called in California, "Non-Partisan Voters" I like the sound of that.
I think Hillary would make a great Senate Majority leader. especially since the current one SUCKS! It is just too bad that Pelosi sucks as Speaker.
Hmmm... I wonder if you guys are going to start bitching at me for the terminology I used in that last sentence.
Anywho, I have a sneeking suspiscion that you all voted for Ralph Nader in 2000, which means the last 8 years are your fault. Gore was not liberal enough for you and look at the shithole this country ended up in. Now, I agree that McCain is no Bush, hell I voted for him in the 2000 GOP primary (Califorinia has open primaries)
But I cannot vote for him now because he has turned his back on what I liked about him in 2000. Even if he is just saying what he needs to in order to placate the Republican base and he is really the same. It makes no difference, I had saw McCain as being above your standard Politician like Clinton or Bush or Gore or Papa Bush, Pelosi or Nader. Mccain is just another asshole politician who will say what wever he needs to in order to be elected. Voting for McCain does not help your cause.
If you really believe in all your rhetoric, you should all regester as independents and write in Hillary's name in November. Other wise you cannot be taken seriously.


I will soon cast a write in ballot for Senator Clinton.
The DNC, run by the likes of Howard Dean, John Kerry and Donna Brazille, railroaded Senator Clinton, who may have actually gotten more raw votes than Obama did.
Folks who supported Clinton DO have a choice.
We cannot lament the two party system, and say they hand us the same pap, when in fact, every vote, no matter for who, is a legitimate vote cast in a democracy. As such, a few million write ins for Senator Clinton, as the "Center Democrat" as opposed to the Ultra Liberal Elitist Democrat, will let the DNC know that we are going our own separate way.
If you allowed yourself to be cowed, and panicked, by the old cries of: don't throw your vote away, take heed: you will not throw your vote away if you write Sen. Clinton's name in. You will, in fact, affirm that the best, most intelligent, skillful, experienced candidate the Democrats had, who could also get moderate Republicans and independents who frequently vote with moderate Republicans, would have have won. She got more "red counties" than Obama, by far. She got more "red counties" than John Kerry did. She may have even gotten more "red counties" than Al Gore did.
So, writing her name is in an affirmative action designed to show the Democrats, that no matter what happens to Obama, SHE would have beaten the Republican had she been given the chance. The "fix" was in in the DNC, and the caucuses, which certainly don't come close to representing the broadest range of party voters voting, as in primaries, were rigged to give Obama the inside track.
He is a phony.
He is no different than Rudy Giuliani. He tells you he can do this, and therefore you must believe he can.
Even Giuliani had more experience of a realistic nature than Barack Obama.
Vote for Hillary Clinton, if your state allows write in ballots.
Vote for Hillary Clinton, the Center Democrat.
And let's take this fiasco as a final sign off to the Democrat Party. We should begin establishing a "Center Democrats," and find candidates who represent pragmatic centrists. We need to end two party elections. We need coalition government. We need to act now, and stop caving in to the old warning that by voting for someone other than one of the two main party candidates, we're throwing out votes away.
Vote for Sen. Clinton, on a write in ballot. Shame on the Democrat National Committee!!


My husband and I voted yesterday, and we both wrote in Hillary Clinton. The way she was treated by her OWN party was disgraceful, and that party's 'nominee' does NOT deserve our votes. Those of us who supported Hillary have been denigrated, insulted, ignored, made fun of, called names, and written off. We've been told to get in line, be good little soldier democrats, and do what the DNC wants of us. Hell, NO! This is America, and I am a citizen, and I have the right to vote for the BEST candidate, not just the one party leaders TELL me to. I will not compromise my integrity to vote for a candidate who was selected by the DNC and NOT by the voters! They didn't need our votes before, they're not getting them now.


I am glad for PUMA. The democratic party and the "mainstream media"(NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN) just ignored Hillary in the election. I am conservative and I think she was shafted. She has more experience than HusseinO.
Then when I saw Bros before Hos on someones shirt, that was the last straw.
If you follow the 15th Amendment, the black vote, and the 19th Amendment, women could vote, you will not historically women helped the blacks to get the right to vote and when it came time to reciprocate and the blacks help the women they didn't. Check out history yourself, Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton Cady. I go for fair and square as I don't want the United States to become a Banana

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