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February 16, 2009


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How sad, I would have thought that a Judge would be more honest and Professional than that. With the outrageous pay they get they could afford to stay a few hours after 5 for a life or death matter.

Thomas Sullivan of Bedford

Burnam's a coward and an idiot. Can we sentence him to spend the rest of his life in Mexico with all of his constituents?


Burnam is just trying to get some name recognition. Hopefully, this will just result in a slap on the wrist or a mild censure.

James Mahoney

Loni burnam is an idiot, he is a demoncrat after all. Richards lawyers had all day to get to the court to enter a motion to delay but they were screwing around. But does loni b. talk about incompetent lawyers? Nope, that is one of his greatest constituents so he won't call them to task for being stupid and liberal like. Oh and loni, you are pro-choice and you do nothing to stop the slaughter of the unborn and you have the gaul to bash Judge Keller for not stopping the death sentence? Richards was a murderer and deserved to die, the unborn have done nothing wrong and yet you enjoy their deaths by claiming it is a woman's right. I find that interesting, well when you see Richards in hell one day ask him if he likes having you as a neighbor. I am sure he will be pleased to know you fought for him.


Kudos to Rep. Burnam for taking on one of the stinking rats of the Texas Judicial System, one of the greatest shames of this state and embarrassments of the civilized world. We know the murderous Judge Keller has her cheering squad in the state (see above comments), but this is one of the moments in which we will see if Texas is ready to rejoin America and the Rule of Law.

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