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February 17, 2009


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Well, look at that! Kay Bailey may not be all that bad after all...

Texas Conservative

Wait a minute, so a local activist prints off some flyers from Rick Scarborough's website, and suddenly it's "the Perry campaign" doing this? Talk about a misleading headline.


Sweet chart. I guess this answers the question of who is the prolife candidate.

Kay Backer

Do you think Perry is starting to sweat? This is another petty attempt to scare Texas voters into voting for him. That's the ONLY way people would vote for him.

Angriest Gus

So I am confused. Is the handout accurate? It doesn't look like a campaign-produced piece, so I am trying to research their records myself.

S Watson

3.5 million child abuse cases in the U.S. Sarah Palin's daughter says abstinence isn't reality. The right to life fraud continues.


Kinky Friedman for Governor! A Texan for Texans.


Angriest Gus,

The flyer is accurate. What is confusing about the entire matter is that KBH has recently adopted children. So you would think that she would be totally against abortion. KBH has said she is for a woman's right to choose. That makes her ok with abortion.


Ya know, I never cared for Rick "check your wallet" Perry to begin with. Now that he has Sarah "Trailer Trash" Palin endorsing him this ought to be fun!!



I agree with Criss. If anything, this handout makes me want to vote for KBH. I am tired of the religious right here in Texas. They need a good dose of reality. And I think Perry losing just might be the thing.

Also, Jon, people can be pro-choice and adopt children. In fact, people can be pro-choice and have children of their own. I know it might hurt, but try thinking outside the lines sometimes.


I never really had an oppinion on abortion until one of my friends was raped and later got an abortion. There are MANY reasons why abortion is legal and this is one of them. It's not always about abstinence or oops I made a mistake.

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