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February 24, 2009


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Kay Backer

Kay is on her way!

Larry Love

That's great news. I'm a Democrat, but I'm voting for Kay. Perry has to go!!!


I'll vote for anyone BUT Perry!


I don't like either one. I want someone who will stand up for AMERICAN citizens and force the legislature to enact laws like Oklahoma and Arizona to be tough on Illegal immigrants.

I want someone who will send in the Texas Rangers to arrest the Mayors of known safe havens for illegals. Rick is against the fence while the drug cartel wars in Mexico are spilling over into our border towns, and Kay hasn't done anything about this either.

Our schools are over run with illegals children, our hospitals on the verge of bankruptcy, and in this economy we can not afford these people anymore.


Neither are a good choice to represent Texas. Neither are strong on illegal immigration. Neither are fiscally conservative. Heck, KBH voted for the brady bill, no I have not forgotten and never will.

Doc John

Perhaps someone in NC needs to rethink their polling procedures, Perry leads Hutchison by 12 points according to the UT poll



I'd vote for a dead dog over any Republican!


What's wrong with Debra Medina?

If you don't like Perry then why would you want to vote for Hutchinsen who is 80-90% the same as Perry? She's a globalist, loves big government, voted for the 23.7 trillion dollar wallstreet/banking bailouts, belongs to the Bilderberg group, etc. etc. These two candidates are not conservatives, they are both big government, corporate owned puppets. Quit voting for the same garbage candidates over and over again then complaining about how you don't like the results.

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