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April 15, 2009


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Paul Martin of GRAND PRARIE needs to keep his Confederate Flag in GRAND PRARIE. Why in Sam Hill he needed to come to BURLESON to fly the thing is outrageous!!! And lo and behold, just what is the photo that the Star-Telegram chooses to run on the blog portraying the BURLESON Tea Party? I am not surprised. However, I AM ANGRY and disgusted. That guy does NOT represent Burleson citizens. I was at the Tea Party. I AM a Burleson citizen, and I was disgusted to see the Confederate Flag being flown there. I am further enraged to see it posted here, and that the guy is not even from Burleson. Star-Telegram would you please shape up and stop portraying the news so one sidedly? It's time for me to renew and I'm not so sure that I care to. Why didn't you choose MY sign to portray the tax protest, BUD? It was about TAXING OUR YOUTH. Imagine that! A protester from Burleson actually protesting what the day is about, and you couldn't bother to disseminate THAT message.


If that don't show the media bias I don't know what does. I was at that Tea Party and there were hundreds of people that were not doing anything but peacfully protesting. If you will look you will find that all of these media outlets (All of the Star Group) are owned by the same people. Control the media and you control the minds of people. They have an agenda to force socialism and homosexuality down our throats. Say NOOO by not giving them any money!


We had something going until the Republicans got involved. They are part of the problem they just waited until they saw how big it was getting to throw their hat in the ring. Perry is part of the Bilderbergers and the New World Order agenda. I'd rather get rid of him then Johnny Reb.

Amy Riedel

"originally organized as a Texas secession rally but broadened to include Republicans"

Where did you get that information from? If you talked to the organizers, you would know that it was non-partisian from the beginning.


Perry made an appearance at LaGrave Field, he was no where near Burleson, so I think you are confused. Clearly you ARE confused if you have no problem with some hick Reb from Grand Prairie coming down to Burleson to represent the taxpaying citizens.

The Tea Parties were NEVER originally organized as secession rallies. You are full of it!!

So, Buuuuuuud, what do you have to save for yourself? You should be ASHAMED.


More evidence of the very clear bias by the Star-Telegram is seen here, if you've not had the displeasure yet, here's a link:


Once again, the hick Reb from Grand Prairie is elected by the Star-Telegram as the spokesman for the day, along with a Boy Scout spouting "one world order".

Can anyone tell me the song that Gordon Dickson elected to play in the background of his little video?

Paul Martin


Excuse my belated reply, I only just found that you had slandered me.

I'm sorry that you are unable to comprehend the connection between the tea party and the Confederate State's decision to secede from the Union. It had a whole lot to do with the Federal Government overstepping its bounds. One of the major causes of the war were the tariffs (taxes). Have you ever heard of the tariff of abominations or the nullification crises? If not, maybe you should delve back into the history books.
It is ignorance that has made folks like you disgusted with the Confederate Flag.

And, as far as not being from Burleson. I was invited by Bud Kennedy to be there. The article he wrote was an open invitation, as was the event web site's appeal to all political persuasions. Besides, I have previously lived in several Johnson County towns, including Burleson. Burleson, by the way, was named for a Confederate Veteran. So was Renfro Street, Johnson County and the city of Cleburne. Further more, my Greatx4 Grandfather was the oldest man to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence and his father and uncle fought in the American Revolution. So, I'll go where I damned well please, Thank You.

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