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July 14, 2009


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Texas (and Fort Worth 2007), for years the leader across the entire United States in drunk driving fatalities, is also one of only seven states that does not allow the use of sobriety check points.
These are the facts that upset me most about all the controversy in that where are officials to find/minimize drunk drivers if not the bars then?
Rainbow patrons, a special interest group, routinely made false accusations throughout this ordeal in terms of being "targeted," but in reality, Rainbow was the third stop that night as I understand it, and seven arrest had already taken place before officials even arrived.
Nevertheless,day one this population and it's supporters were demanding a ruling, days before anyone had even had the opportunity to investigate. Now we know from an interview, Chad G. was self-admittedly drunk, not having a few or enjoying a social drink, but drunk. As much as I support police and the TABC in their efforts, I wish the leaders would have either waited before calling in the Feds, or included in their visit, an investigation into the April tazing death of 155 pound, unarmed Michael Jacobs since overzealousness was the alleged complaint.
This selective involvement/assessment by the Dept. of Justice appears way too "select" to many, and downright racist to others.
Honestly, I believe the call to Feds went out on voting expectations, not a quest for justice.

Leo Goodman

Oh, Jesus, man, someone provide some perspective on this silly story. Before though, was that Blake Wilkinson part of that Dallas group? He appeared to be on a cocaine rage (I used to date a girl on coke, and I know all about it; he looked just like her).

Listen, here's the missing link to this story: The Rainbow Lounge (whose owners are no doubt profiting off this "scandal." Please keep this issue alive, they must be thinking.) and its patrons WERE treated just like everybody else. They weren't treated any differently; they were perhaps bullied by the authority of law enforcement just like everybody else.

Homosexuality doesn't provide special rights to avoid being the victim of bad judgments, law enforcement or otherwise.

We all deal with this. People make misjudgments and do stupid things all the time. Simply look at a number of those who made fools of themselves at the City Council meeting last night. It happens. That's life.

An aside: Isn't it funny, too, to hear the mayor talk about the city not being exclusive when no one knows more about exclusivity in this town than he does. Not just everybody can go to that special enclave on the West Side.

Now that I think about it, that's life, too.

That's all I have to say about that.

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