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February 16, 2010


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Wow. This is hilarious stuff. You know the best part???

The person who sent this email didn't even realize that Jessica Gutierrez is on Shami's press team!!!

Her email is jessica@faroukforgovernor.com, and she is probably working for both Farouk's company and the Farouk for Governor campaign!

Check out the press release she sent back in December: http://africanamericansforfarouk.blogspot.com/2009/12/statement-of-farouk-shami-democratic.html

This campaign is clearly self destructing and CLEARLY they have too many cooks in the kitchen! The Democratic primary is not for sale, Farouk!

Longtime Texan

This is no different than anything else with Farouk. He has to be in charge, and he is known to direct his staff independently from any organizational structure.

Farouk’s management philosophy includes
• “I conceived it, thus it’s done”, i.e. making a decision tonight and fully expecting it to be implemented before he even talks to anyone – it works in a small entrepreneurial organization where he has the total control and it is his own money – However, how would it work in our democratic form of government?
• In his culture (and business practice) – “cousins” (anyone with Middle Eastern heritage) make no mistakes and family “walks on water” , i.e. the actual professional qualifications are secondary in his mind.


African-Americans for Farouk??? Wonder if this is the same group who though Obama was going to give all African-American's free money and a new Escalade?
How's that working for you?

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