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September 12, 2007

Another skimpy outfit, another scolding by Southwest

Qassim_3 Another Southwest Airlines flight attendant has allegedly scolded a scantily-clad female passenger (Setara Qassim, NBC 5 picture, right) for her attire. You can see a video about the incident, with the passenger showing off the skimpy dress, here.

It probably won't surprise anyone that our blog postings about Kyla Ebbert, the Hooters waitress who was in the news last week for a similar incident, generated the most traffic in Sky Talk's short history.

The responses we've gotten to these stories has been interesting - many have criticized the airline for being prudish, pointing out that many young women dress this way in public. But an equal number have praised Southwest for insisting on a minimum level of dress in crowded aircraft cabins.

And some have pointed out that Southwest flight attendants used to wear some racy outfits themselves. Check it out.

- Trebor


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I do not have a problem with the policy. I believe SWAir should post a notice to the passangers about how they dress. Then again I would think people would have a little more concern about how they look and dress, you would think.


Just as a skimpy bikini may be appropriate on a beach, but not in a fine restaurant, a skimpy cocktail dress may be appropriate in a nightclub, but not on an airline. Both of the customers who have been involved in these incidents appeared to be young, and perhaps uneducated in some of the finer points of choosing appropriate attire for the venue.

Southwest has a right to enforce a dress code. This policy will increase the frequency of conflict between staff and passengers, though, so the airline should be prepared. They should...
- provide an unambiguous dress code
- provide flight attendants with training and demonstrations on how to approach the passenger on this issue
- stress the need to discuss the matter with the passenger in private
- they might consider having something more discrete along the lines of a lab coat to offer a passenger who is not properly attired.

As a low cost carrier, Southwest is going to attract a higher percentage of low income passengers whose clothing styles may tend to exceed the limits of what the airline considers appropriate attire. Southwest should make its expectations with respect to dress code very clear at the time that a ticket is purchased, in order to prevent incidents before they happen.


I remember when SW advertised with stewards wearing HotPants! maybe an over zealous attendant??


If you watch the video of her on the Today show, the first thing she does when she stands up is pull her skirt down - a definite sign that she KNEW her outfit was not appropriate. Also, when she sits down you see a glimpse of her underwear. That's just downright repulsive. I thank Southwest for taking pride in their airline and keeping that kind of filth off so families can enjoy a nice flight.


it's fine for SWA to have a dress code, but is it published? It seems I recall from the newspaper article that it isn't. If they don't publish it, then they can't enforce it.


SWA is quickly making themselves a laughing stock for their excessively judgmental ways (passengers being too "drunk", too fat, too scantily clad). Has anybody else noticed that other airlines don't seem to have nearly as many problems with these issues as SWA? What SWA seemingly fails to understand is the difference between dress that is obscene (clearly defined by law) versus inappropriate (highly subjective). All of these folks applauding SWA on the pretext of their actions being "family friendly" need to ask why, then are you not forced to cover your child's eyes while running away in terror every time you go to the beach? Neither of these ladies showed anywhere near the amount of skin we all seem to be okay with beside the pool or beach...or is routinely seen on television. So why oh why is everyone in such a tizzy by seeing LESS skin just because it's on a plane instead of in a recreational setting? It's just ridiculous and the prissy police at SWA need to relax and get back to doing their real job.


I remember a day when modesty was considered a virtue, too bad those days are gone. When you can see a woman's underclothing when she sits down, she is demeaning herself and embarrassing others.

Kudo's to SWAir.

And by the way, the skyhostess wore hotpants
they covered their underwear!


To: JSP...regarding "...why, then are you not forced to cover your child's eyes while running away in terror every time you go to the beach? Neither of these ladies showed anywhere near the amount of skin we all seem to be okay with beside the pool or beach...or is routinely seen on television. So why oh why is everyone in such a tizzy by seeing LESS skin just because it's on a plane instead of in a recreational setting?"

I am bothered by what is seen on the beach. It is unfortunate that in order to enjoy the beauty of the beach that we have to tolerate such lewdness. It would be nice to enforce such a dress code there...or have a family friendly beach. Cheers to SW for at least trying to provide some form of decency for those trapped inside of a flying tin can for the duration. TW


Let's talk appropriate from a flight crew perspective. People who fly need to remember a couple things. Yes, it may be 100 degrees where you're going but inside terminals and airplanes it's cold, bring a sweater or layers.
Second, from a safety standpoint: if you had to escape burning wreckage, do you really want to be in a skimpy outfit and flip flops? Just something to think about.

Dan McNamara

I'm with Southwest on this one. If you dress like a skank and you will be treated like one. People get respect based on how others view them. If you feel the need to dress like you are going out to a night club when you are not then you have a problem.


Dangit! I have been waiting all my life to have a seat next to girls like these! I usually fly American, I guess that was my mistake. Unfortunately, all I ever seem to get are the 275 pound sweaty gorillas who spill over into my seat. At least if I sat next to these two I would get the arm rest.


If you go to the beach or pool and your little girl is wearing a cute little bathing suit do you think she's going to grow up and cover her self from head to toe as not to offend other people's children? I think all the concerned parents have more issue than their kids ever would. We spend a lot of time teaching our kids to accept their bodies, at what age should girls become women and be ashamed of thier bodies and start covering them all the time.

And I don't know about you Monica, but I adjust my skirt every time I stand up, regardless of length.

It's only a human body. Your family and friends all have them, they are nothing to be disturbed by.


I'm sorry, but I think the airline is being hypercritical. Who ever asked for these women to be "removed" from the aircraft, needs a reality check, If you dont want to look at it, don't. If you think that your MORAL judgement makes them offencive (or maybe a temptation) you should be the one asking to be resituated. I rather sit by them than a screaming infant, or a obease person who takes part of my seat.. Thats something to compain about, NOT a mini skirt and a low cut top.

Ed Huddleston

People in the US are so hung up about being offended by nudity or any showing of skin it is ridiculous. How are they offended by a beautiful women in a short skirt? Looks like nothing but envy to me. And why is extreme violence OK but any form of nudity banned?
It's quite alright to watch someone get their head blown off but God forbid if a shoulder strap should slip and expose part of a breast. It's insane. I am a foot ball nut and watch every minute of a game. I did not even notice the so-called superbowl malfunction. Why don't we go the taliban route and require all females to wear one of those burkas?. That'll cut down on people being offended.

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