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October 25, 2007

Now that's expensive airfare

A380paint Ever thought you'd pay $100,000 for a pair of seats on an airplane? How about $50,000?

Those were some of the amounts shelled out in an online auction on eBay for the right to fly on Singapore Airlines' inaugural Airbus A380 flight that took off yesterday.

You can read the full Associated Press story on the flight here.

In the AP story, you can read about how Tony Elwood and his wife together paid $50,000 for their one-way seats in a two-person suite that included leather chairs, a desk and two full-size beds that unfold from the wall. They also sipped champagne and ate marinated lobster and double-boiled chicken soup.

Not a bad way to spend the 7 hours in a plane from Singapore to Sydney.



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full air beds

Not a bad way, indeed. But, seriously...50k bucks for a 7 hour flight? Its funny what the rich will throw away for a little extra comfort these days...

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