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May 30, 2008

Airline bankruptcy ranking

J.P. Morgan recently issued a report looking at the liquidity and balance sheets of the major airlines, and included a ranking of bankruptcy risk.

Here's the breakdown, ranked from most likely to file Chapter 11 to least likely, according to the firm:

    1. U.S. Airways
    2. Northwest
    3. United
    4. American
    5. Continental
    6. JetBlue
    7. AirTran
    8. Delta
    9. Alaska
    10. Southwest

- Trebor Banstetter


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Sixth Floor Mole

Bankruptcy isn't anything to worry about, especially if you're one of the 91 senior management types who've raked in millions in executive bonuses in the past two years.

That, plus the "secret document" AMR management went to court to keep secret financially protects senior managers in the event of such a financial catastrophe.

As for the other 70,000 AMR employees: who cares?

Shut up and get back to work.

--AMR Senior Exec

John S

So now we have commenters (paid by APA, no doubt) posing here as management moles? Thanks for the conspiracy theories, but etiquette dictates that you should bring tin foil hats for everyone.

Back in the place I like to call reality, AA your company is facing unprecedented challenges just to survive. Why don't you put down The Anarchist's Cookbook and do your part to make sure you still have an employer in five years.


John S. -

Does your boss know you're blogging on company time?

Crawl back under his desk and shut up.



Just because everyone disagrees with you, it doesn't mean that they're paid by the company.

Obviously you're paid by the company. So you can play that card, but don't imply that readers and customers are "blogging on company time". That's just narrow-minded and small. Sort of like your union's view on how to fix the problems of your company.

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