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June 16, 2008

Fee: Fi Fo Fum

This image has been making the email rounds, and landed in my inbox. My favorite: The "Complimentary Airsick Bag" fee.Aafees_2

- Trebor Banstetter


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Very funny, but you all need to pay up. The pilots want a big raise, to say nothing of my own work group.

Seriously, it's either higher fares or more fees, pick your poison. You're paying $4 a gallon for gas, you can shell out $15 to check a bag.


Very funny FA. It's too bad neither your work group, the pilots, or any other work group is going to get a big raise anytime soon. To think that we are going to pay more for more crappy service is just a pipe dream. I'll take my business to other airlines where the employees can read the writing on the wall.

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