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December 09, 2008

'Life in the airline business'

Arpey2 Gerard Arpey was on a panel of speakers at a CEO roundtable hosted by the Dallas Business Journal this morning. He spoke about the challenges the carrier is facing, and how it switched from fuel cost issues to demand problems:

So from our perspective, we seem to have experienced an almost seamless transition in which our fuel cost crisis has been replaced by a potential air travel demand crisis.  Now, I would have preferred a little downtime between crises, but that’s life in the airline business.

Keep reading for the full text of his prepared remarks.

- Trebor Banstetter


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Suzie orman

Life in every business and operation is tough. But most of us tend to see only those difficulties which are experienced by us in our business.

Guinea  Pig

I don't buy your public rhetoric for a minute Gerard. Each year you sound like a broken record, constantly foisting your overwhelming pessimism and global blame when you truly should be speaking about the internal problems American Airlines faces on a daily basis, problems that you and your senior management have been negligent in addressing.

American Airlines needs strong leadership right now, since it has so much potential as a global leader. The airline will continue to fall short in this area, Gerard, if you continue in your actions to ignore employee's concerns, appoint rank and file managers to address the issues that you are too afraid to address, walk away from people who have a strong voice to air at a shareholder's meeting and fail to show up at a state appellate hearing to discuss company discrimination of employees. Do you "lead by example" when condoning your rank and file managers and VPs when they retaliate against employees both internally and externally to protect the company "at all cost" ?? Do you have both the courage and the integrity to host president's conferences risking scrutiny and rebuke from concerned employees ??? Do you personally look into corporate policy which has proven to be discriminatory in nature ??

So Gerard, people may have arisen early to attend your 7:30 a.m. pessimism speech and some from the media and the business journal may continue to kiss your butt so that your fame and American's brand can boost their circulation. You may be a big shot over at the Dallas Museum of Art and Suzie may make good points here, but the fact is, when you stop covering up the real problems facing American Airlines and start being truthful and sincere with your audience, then perhaps your "challenges" may begin to lessen. Perhaps then you won't be faced with threats of legal lawsuits or investigations from the EEOC or picket signs from your unhappy and demoralized employees. I state strongly, WAKE UP GERARD !!!

Many corporations are struggling today and I would highly encourage you in this uncertain economy to start getting with the program when it comes to leading a company, otherwise I see a very near future of failure before congress like AIG and the big three have been (what a coincidence, they all received excessive executive bonuses too.......). And quite frankly, if it gets to that point, then American's credibility is all but lost, despite how many letters your Diversity VP, Volunteerism Director and Sales and Marketing favorites write to congress to sell them on an ideology that you truly don't believe in, or even practice for that matter !!!

This posting is not from a current employee, union member or passenger. This posting comes from a person around the business circles who knows all about the inside of corporate American Airlines and the corrupt HDQ executives you protect, Gerard, solely because they help save the bottom line "at all cost".

Please remember this post, Gerard, the next time Jeff sends his HR Ops Manager to do your dirty work for you. Make sure he sends you both copies of exhibits K-S. I'm sure you both will find the evidence interesting as opposed to the popular sentiment of "I do not see a need to re-visit these concerns" or the assertion of "entitlement".

As the old saying goes Gerard, lead, follow or as Bob Crandall would say " If you can't compete, then you should get out of the business !!!"

Thank you for your time.


well said guinea pig. don,t worry gerard,s and the rest of his gutless management days are numbered. what goes around comes around ten fold. i believe in carma and the hands of the almighty god to punish him and the rest of the roman empire management.

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