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January 30, 2009

A view of Flight 1549 from another pilot

SusanO'Donnell The Allied Pilots Association sent members a fascinating account of the Hudson River landing of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, written by an American Airlines pilot who was on the plane.

It's written by Susan O'Donnell, a Boeing 767 pilot based at LaGuardia Airport. Keep reading for her chilling story.

- Trebor Banstetter


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Matt Johanson

WOW- It just goes to show how anything is possible if you stay calm and keep a clear head. Hats off to Capt. Sully and the flight crew of US Airways flight 1549. This is what being an hero is all about, the entire flight crew along with the people on the boats pulling people from the river, you make America proud.


here's a great video story on the first responders who rescued the passengers of American Airlines flight 1549:



Experts make difficult tasks look easy.

From this side of the browser, salvaging 1549 sure looked easy; "So simple, even a CEO could do it!"

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I never heard this issue until read this post. But, where can I read the full story?

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