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February 09, 2009

Southwest tops on-time performance in 2008

The Department of Transportation released its year-end figures for on-time performance this morning, and Southwest Airlines had the best numbers among the major domestic carriers, with more than 80 percent of flights on time.

American Airlines was dead last, with about 70 percent of flights on time. Keep reading for the complete list (which also includes regional airlines and Hawaiian carriers).

- Trebor Banstetter


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the reason aa has the worst on time record is because of the idiots in the tower not to mention poor moral. planes go out dirty and they still run late. face it american employees don,t care anymore. the tower closes the ramp because ramp employees will use any excuse to get overtime, so if it drizzles and you know someone in the tower they will give you overtime and close the ramp. hey lets close the ramp its snowing in new york.


American's management has brought this "poor morale" on itself. EVERY EMPLOYEE GROUP that is unionized is now in mediation because management refuses to bargain in good faith. And the executives continue to award themselves huge bonuses. What an example !

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