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October 14, 2009

Photos from the picket line

One of our McClatchy photographers went out to the Allied Pilots Association's picket line at the Department of Transportation on Wednesday and took a few photos of the pilots.

I'm also posting the full text of the pilots union's talking points that they sent out to the media this morning.

-Andrea Ahles




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APA makes these claims, but where are the examples to back them up? That;s right...crickets.

Euro Dude

These airline jobs will go the way of the US shipping industry.

These pilot jobs will be replaced by third world pilots making third world wages.

The American public will be happy because the prices will be cheap, but very soon the airline safety record here will be like the rest of the world.

John S

Responding to the sign front and center of the first picture:

1. Fares have stayed low in the wake of other immunity tie-ups.

2. "Security risks" are a red herring. "Security" is used to justify any action one doesn't like.

3. The only way we'll see "Lost US Jobs" is if airlines can't compete and go out of business. Alliances bring revenue and jobs.


"U.S. pilots are exceptionally highly trained and experienced" What? BA pilots are not wee-trained? Heck, they probably all came out of the RAF! I am so sick of this smokescreen by the APA.


APA is a dying force and it knows it.

Don't forget, BA pilots were the ones who glided a 747 after all four engines flamed out due to ash from a volcanic eruption. Even more importantly they got the engines started again!

APA can picket all it wants. And I have to wonder how many pilots were there. Looks like not that many... a couple dozen out of what? Thousands? I'll bet they are not all as unreasonable as the vocal few.


Malcontent, you made a great point. They were in a Boeing! Made in the USA! It may have been a different outcome if it was an Airbus. I have many hours in both types and believe me, your skills are enhanced when you have the right tools. Whats your backgroung? Maybe you can add some light to that subject with all your flying experience.Oh, ask the UAL guys how the STAR alliance is working out for them.My buddies over there are getting furloughed for the second time. LAN pilots are doing a great job replacing the UAL pilots.
I made $70,028 working for AA as a pilot on reserve last year. I'm sure you made more than that working the ramp or whatever you do. Hey get a engineering degree and a ton of flying experience and you can join us. I am away from home 19 to 20 days a month. Its a lot of fun.

shut up and fly the damned bus

Damn, don't they look good. Don't forget that these are the guys and gals that have probably already worked their week and two-thirds for the month, so it's easy to look good in a suit on the picket line.



aa will change it,s name . to hillbilly airlines of texas. thats who,s running american airlines , the larry the cable guy looking fools of texas. why do you people look the the same. must be a texass thing .

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