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June 16, 2010

American 777 loses door at D/FW

Deplaning didn't go smoothly Tuesday morning for an American 777.

Apparently, an American Airlines flight arriving at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport lost its door in a Terminal D jetbridge.

The aircraft pulled up to the terminal around 6:20 a.m. and docked with the jetbridge. Flight attendants opened the door to start letting passengers off the plane.

However, it appears that the brakes either failed or were not set and ground crews did not put blocks around the wheels as the plane rolled backwards about 200 feet, ripping the door off the Boeing 777.

I'm still waiting for a callback from American Airlines about the incident. But the photos, which the Star-Telegram received from a reader, pretty much tell the story.

UPDATE 6/17: Here are two statements from American about the 777 incident and an account from a crew chief working on Tuesday morning.






 -Andrea Ahles


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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!




Not a good day at AA...

Uncle Scrappy

Maybe the pilots should quit worrying about trying to get Crazy Raises & everything else and instead concentrate on doing their job. LIKE SETTING THE PARKING BRAKE when they arrive at a gate.

Hopefully we will hear what happens to this pilot. Maybe they will let him or her stay employed if they pay for the repair. Not to mention the lost revenue while this VERY EXPENSIVE jetliner is out of service because of the STUPIDITY of a pilot not doing their job.


Uncle Scrappy aka Typical American moronic cheap a-- penny pincher - pilots release the brakes after the ground crew tells the the block are in. Don't be so quick to blame it on the pilots.


... did it have a "remove before flight" flag on it?

brightly blogger

Uncle scrappy is just a idiot agitator... he hates everyone any everything. has no facts and talks a lot. ignore him.

garry albrecht

if all airline employees were not working double shifts for half wages maybe they wouldnt be making fatigue errors, lucky it was just a door, corporate greed, and cheap tickets

William G. Sandlin Jr.

Speaking as a retired Captain, American's search for cheapness bit again.

In my case the ground pounders failure to insert the normal pin in the nosewheel linkage caused a delay. This time it damaged a Boeing 777. Of course the Board of directors won't shut the bigmouths, they will badmouth the Captain.

Uncle Scrappy

Re-Read the article. The plane was an INBOUND flight & Passengers were trying to DEPLANE. Nothing required about RELEASING the brakes. THE IDIOT PILOT didnt do their job properly. PERIOD. You can make excuses all you want, but this is a clear example of someone not doing their job, working safely & a whole lot more.


jetbridges ,brakes ,loading blocks,all help to stop the plane while in the park position. this is true,but who do you blame for letting the passingers,known it's safe to leave thwe plane.?????

Jet Bridge

Aw, put it back on with some duct tape.

Jim Henry

Soo, I can hear it now. A plane with a door $3 million or a plane without a door


BTW, F/a'S don't "open the door". They dis-arm the inflatable slide and show a sign to the ground agent through the window so that THEY can open the door.


It is normal to release the brakes after the wheels are chocked due to the brakes being extremely hot after landing. If the brakes are left parked the brake pads can bond to the brake rotors due to being extremely hot. It's obvious the wheels weren't chocked when they were supposed to be.


Uncle Scrappy: unless you have intimate knowledge of proper AA procedures and division of responsibility between cabin and ground crews, you don't have standing to say whose job is what.

Anybody else: does this incident fall under NTSB jurisdiction? I suspect not, since the aircraft was not operating at the time.

Alberto Knox

Lucky no one was hurt. a few years ago a flight attendant at DFW fell to her death between a plane and the jet-bridge.

Baggage carts, fuel trucks, all kinds of things could have gotten tangled up in this.


UncleScrappy: You do not fly airplanes and are not familiar with this equipment (B777)or the procedures. Come bck when you get checked out on the 777 and AA procedures.

Grapevine Guy

O.K William G.Sandin I see you are out of touch with how acft park at the gates today, there is a docking system now, no more hand guiding by the ground crew. the pilot is guided by lights to his stopping point, the ground crew where not even working that gate yet. The pilot pulled up to the gate and did not set the brake properly thus causing the acft to roll back ripping the door off the acft. It looks to me that you are the kind of person who blames others for your mistakes.

Larry K

Darn that gravity thing! I see mental images of passengers trying to make the jump between the gap as the jet way rolls out of sight.


Ground crew not on the clock yet
so no one there to chock the wheels,DFW self parking cost AA another million or so!


LMAO! Glad it happened!

aj the ramp worker(dfw)

The pilots use an auto park system at DFW.The plane arrived before the ground crew was on the clock.The pilot parked the plane and the bridge was pulled up to the aircraft.With no crew present there was nobody to shock or block the wheels.The pilot may have assumed the wheels were chocked but this was not the case.Somehow the brakes were not on and the aircraft rolled back removing the door.
AJ fleetservice clerk DFW.


I have a flask in my car if you want an after hours drink!!!

G A Hutchinson

The Captain and/or the ground crewman involved are going lose pay, be fined, have a record, be embarrassed and sick about the incident and "uncle scrappy" will enjoy pouring water on a drowning man/men without giving them a hearing, zero investigation or the slightest knowlege of of how to park a B 777.

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